Around the World


Day 2 of Homeschool is all about travel, something we plan to do more of now that we can learn anywhere and everywhere. LM chose today’s theme largely because yesterday she bought a giant ‘tour bus’ at the opshop using her saved pocket money. The basic premise was that the bus can travel on land, air and water (chitty chitty bang bang style) and so Jesse has decided to take some of her furry friends on an international tour of her favourite cities. The lesson/adventure that followed includes

a. Five destinations were chosen: Paris, Venice, Beijing, Los Angeles and New Delhi

b. Five toys were chosen and given names that feature on popular baby name lists of each country: Eva, Lorenzo, Cheng, Bob (bob will always be the infamous ‘bob the bear’) and Sahil.

c. We then looked up the World Bank listing for each place and learned the nation and continent the chosen place was in. We then traced the nation’s shape from the screen (using opshopped tracing paper from yesterday) and compared geographical size and population size across nations (using graphs).

d. We fished out our ‘lonely planet travel guide’ for children (bought for 20c) and learned how to use the contents page to find and tag our selected cities.

e. Jesse’s van couldn’t fit all (actually any) of the bears so we had to make a trailer using a wine crate, string, thumbtacks and felt circles to help it slide.

f. The tour began in Paris where, using the travel guide, LM built an eiffel tower from blocks. To my surprise she had also researched and created a traditional costume for each country and learned a welcome and introduction in French (thanks to online translators). The bears asked a few questions about Paris which LM then researched, translated and replied in French! This process then continued for all other cities.

g. After a nice long rest (we were both exhausted by this adventure) we are going to watch around the world in 80 days with a friend (the 2004 version) with a ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ question sheet that addresses Jules Verne’s literary intentions, the cultural representations and the plot devices used. We are also going to reengineer (or rebuild) the cardboard projector we bought at the Questacon yesterday so it will hold the iPad.

h. We will end our travels with a retention testing game that we invented which involves drawing out scrabble letters and writing one thing that we know about each country, starting with that letter.

Then we shall collapse until a well-travelled heap.



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