Questacon: Science Heaven


Day 1 of homeschooling was spent visiting an ENT specialist, op shops and the Questacon Science Centre in Canberra.

The ENT specialist confirmed our expectations- those tonsils and adenoids are coming out asap. Two Belconnen opshops offered us almost everything we need to complete our reuse homeschool room (books, 70s department of education stationery, craft supplies and building materials galore – I was gasping with consumer delight). And the Questacon was beyond belief.

I haven’t been to the Questacon since I was twelve, and I still have flashbulb memories of playing science with my Dad that day. It was an absolute joy to play science again with LM yesterday. As a Gestalt-trained Psychologist that majored in Visual Perception, I loved that the ‘Perception’ talk rocked the room. We are now dedicated to enhancing all of the 10 discussed senses (proprioception is our fave). And the spider display had an extra touch of wonderful as its ‘poster spider’ was one that was discovered by a school-friend of LM’s dad. For that exhibition we developed our very own mnemonic ‘Big Hairy Weirdos’ to help us remember the classification of spiders into burrowers, hunters and weavers. We’re looking forward to following up with spider-inspired twig weaving tonight.

I’m also looking forward to bringing the Questacon’s touring ‘Science Circus’ to our town. Discussions were immediately underway.


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