Electric Skeleton


Today’s class was inspired by a song dedication to LM: Electric Skeleton by Darren Hanlon at a recent, local gig. We have decided on this topic today as a skate park opened in Harden on the weekend and LM’s skating bestie, CB, suggested that she be the informal first aid officer on site. She has been practicing cool sliding and American Ninja wall scaling moves so she can rapidly get to injured skaters, now it’s time to teach the anatomy and first aid to match the moves.

Our class began with flicking through magazines looking for pictures of humans that we like. She chose a funky fashionista and I chose a mum hugging her daughter. We then put a favourite second-hand find (Tom the skeleton) on the table, cut some tracing paper and layered the pictures and paper onto our clipboards. We chatted a lot about our skeletons as we drew. Noting things like; the base of the vertebrae looks like a tail, our jaw is separate from our skull even though we think of it as our skull, the top of our arms and legs has one bone but the bottom halves of each have two… and many more weirdly wonderful things.

Last night we did some sorting and found some fab sticky notes that I had accidentally filed six years ago- we knew that whatever we did today would include them. So, we found reference books and agreed to find some fun facts to post on our skeletons and then share in a pseudo show and tell. We were only going to do four fun facts but we couldn’t stop!

One of the things that fascinated LM the most was that big body parts don’t necessarily have the most bones eg. the ankle has more bones than the leg. This led to a discussion  of scale and size. We also discussed density and strength by looking at X-rays and comparisons of bones to concrete.

We then looked up skate boarder bone breakage and learned how the body absorbs the shock of most falls via joints but will break if the bone is hit with force, front on. We’ll follow this up with a trip to the skatepark this afternoon to identify risks, how to misaims risk, learn first aid steps and develop a skater-related mnemonic to remember them by.

To end our morning lesson we combined our retention test and spelling word development by rolling boggle dice to choose a letter, recall a word related to that letter and then that word became a spelling word for today.

This skeleton is off to rest a little.








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