Well, Colour Me Happy


To our surprise, the Anatomy of Anger class yesterday both started and ended with talk about colour and how it can affect us. Makes sense that we should focus on that today.

The moment I mentioned that we could explore colours, LM suggested that she show me something she did at a school she used to go to. She poured in a little milk, added two drops of 4 different food colours and gave me a chopstick to slowly move through the colours – leading to this pictured sixties gorgeousness. During this, we received a call from a friend who was hoping that her girl, SC, could join us at homeschool today. And within five minutes we were replicating the process for SC. A perfect start to a colour filled day.

I then gave the girls six glasses with a little milk in each, the food colouring and a worksheet that had rows of ‘0 + 0 = 0’. With the instruction that they should make blends and record the mixes by colouring in the circles they added and then the circle for the outcome. Mess. Glorious Mess.

Our daily walk was calling, so we grabbed a mini-muffin tray that was four across and three down. I challenged LM and SC to see if they could fill the tray with  3 examples of red,  3 green, 3 yellow and 3 blue samples that occurred in nature. As I had hoped, the blue proved tricky – this will make a nice segue for the Indigo class I have in mind for later.

Continuing on the multiple colours theme, when we returned home I asked the girls to close their eyes and randomly select a coloured texta from the container. Then, without the other seeing I asked them to create a little blob of that colour and then write three words about what that colour made them think of or how it made them feel. We did eight colours in total.

I then gave them a series of emotions and asked them to choose a colour that they associated with that emotion. There were only slight variations. We ended our fascinating little colour day by comparing our results with research by colour theorists and marketing advisors.

The girls are now concerned that my grey linen clad bed may lead to me being depressed. I have calmed their concerns by getting them to paint beautiful golden sunrises – I’m joking, I actually got them to make collages colour wheels.

I still can’t ‘do’ colour.


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