Drawing is something we try to do most days now. For decades I stopped drawing because I wasn’t ‘good’ at it. Research suggests that I’m not alone, many children give up drawing during adolescence for the same reason. The benefits of drawing are huge though; it helps us communicate, it develops and reinforces motor skills, it enhances cognitive abilities in logic and imagination, it helps with flow and immersion and consequent relaxation, and it’s fun. So now… it’s back. We’ve been drawing most days in many ways but today is Japanese Kawaii (cute) drawing day! LM’s idea.

Thanks to Pinterest we have found a lot of inspiration as well as step by step drawing lessons. LM doesn’t really need me at all for this. She is WAY better at it than I am – just check out this giraffe. So I have just put in an order for a picture that I would like: a happy coffee for the kitchen. It’s still early and again I need coffee.

It seems this exercise has triggered a kawaii frenzy. We are about to draw little sleeping facial expressions on the LM’s pillow cases. Then we are going to the opshop to get a couple of plain t-shirts to draw on. Then we are making totoro from an odd sock. Then a Kawaii pot with a succulent for hair. And some kind of cloud thing with a face.

Is there such a thing as cuteness fatigue?




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