Ace Pet Sitting


LM has a strong entrepreneurial streak, something that I wholeheartedly support. One of her ventures, that takes up quite a bit of our time at the moment, is her month-old business ‘Ace Pet Sitting’. Named after our much loved, but now departed, rescued Greyhound, Ace. After Ace died we decided against getting another in favour of having more freedom to wander. Our urge to care for pets remained strong though and after friend’s asked if we would watch their dog, cat, rabbit, six chickens and three guinea pigs for a few days, the idea emerged of launching a pet sitting service where the pets become a part of our family while their families are away. The rates are low and the service is high.

We now have now cared for one cat, eight dogs, a calf, two lambs, three geese, eleven chickens, twelve guinea fowl, three guinea pigs and one white rabbit. As I wrote this I have a giant chocolate labrador (that might be part bear) snuggling at my feet.

There are so many reasons I adore this. One is because LM takes responsibility for caring for the pets. Another is because she identified a need and responded. I also like that all the funds are being used to contribute to our intended trip to the US next year. Mostly I adore it because it gives us many pet snuggling opportunities.

All business thus far has come from friends, and it is likely to remain that way, but I still thought it was a great opportunity to show LM how to set up some business basics. We have our current client for a few weeks giving us time to do some promotional work.  I have given LM a budget of $100 for promotion. She has decided to get 100 business cards, print 10 posters and put an ad in the local paper. I suggested that she also make a website. LM is quite used to seeing promotional materials made at the house as I work in the arts and there always seems to be some kind of graphic design material being made.

Today we bought the domain We discussed all aspects of the purchase, from the monthly fee though to payment methods. Then we chose a free wordpress theme and I started finding images. Over the coming days I’ll show her how to load ‘posts’. We have also selected the supplier for business cards and she selected the format and template to work from. We’ll finish the design for the card and the poster another day.

Right now we have a gorgeous brown pooch to feed.


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