Keep Calm and Keep Creating


Much to my delight, LM made a presentation (using online software) outlining her ideas for a class. An awesome class. A class filled with making creative things to help us be mindful, calm and kind.

Both the little one and I currently have sleep disorders. We manage it as well as we can by homeschooling, sleeping as needed, afternoon snuggles and naps but there are still moments where the tiredness makes us irritable. This class was designed by LM to help us address these moments.

The day started by making a calm down jar filled with glitter, yellow food colouring, water and castille soap. The idea is that when you are ‘cross’ you tip the jar over and let the glitter gently float down. Turn over and repeat until you are calm. We discussed lots of possible ideas of what we could add to slow the glitter down and decided that something with a thicker consistency than water would be good. We had the soap liquid on hand and so we used that. It worked in the short term but by the next day it was murky and icky and so we realised that we need to try again soon using different materials.

Following that we picked up on the jewellery theme and a five beaded ‘necklace’ where each bead represented a different one of LM’s personally identified strengths. The idea for this one is that it is used kind of like Catholic Rosary Beads in that when you hold each of the beads in turn between your fingers and say your strength. It becomes a kind of positive mantra. LM’s self-selected strengths were; I am creative, I am loved, I love animals, I am kind to the planet and I am smart. She is most definitely all those things.

Her next suggestion was brilliant. She walked over to the Laptop and put on a song ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift. We both shamelessly love that song. For the next few minutes we danced like lunatics: shaking every single part of our bods. I think I shook out tension that has been there since 1996!

I thought that might be the end of her interest but LM was keen to continue. I suggested we sit on the giant pile of rocks in our yard and write the ideas she had introduced onto rocks so we could store them in a little bag and draw one out when we need to calm down. This was the start of something incredible. We wrote the previous ideas and then just kept going. The additional ideas were; deep breathe, ask for a hug, do yoga, admit it (your mistake or hurt), write it down, talk about it, say sorry, have a cry, walk around town, drawing, have a cry, get gardening, alone time and act of kindness. Not only did we write them down, we then spent the rest of the day doing them!

The picture above is of of an Act of Kindness. LM suggested drawing smiley faces on little rocks and them secretly leaving them at the gates of 100 houses. So we did. 100 smiles – and that was just from me!

The day ended with us collapsing into a beautiful bliss bubble.




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