Time goes by, so slowly


The night that our first bnb guests arrived we decided to reward ourselves with a movie. We were more than excited when we discovered that Alice Through the Looking Glass was available. Alice has been an ever-present theme in our lives. LM’s 6th birthday party was Alice in Wonderland themed (we crafted for it the whole week prior) and every year she dresses as a different character from the book for book week. A weird little coincidence was that our bnb guest was also called Alice.

The next morning we both wanted to watch it again before the rental ran out, so we decided to create our class around it by using it for spelling word and life inspiration and learning about the notion of ‘time’.

The day began with a bit of bad dancing to Madonna’s ‘hung up’ which gave us the title for today’s class.

The first thing we did while watching the movie was create a spelling word squiggle with words from the movie; Alice, vessel, soirée, gentlemen, world, tragedy, curious, know, quiet, wonder, laughter, impossible, intrusion and gift.

We then listened for a quote that we could write beautifully to have as inspiration. LM chose ‘the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is impossible’ -she decided to memorise it. I chose ‘the only thing worth doing is what we do for others’. We haven’t made our pictures yet.

Throughout the movie we also worked on some drama skills. We did impersonations of every character in the film and discussed what the actors did with their bodies, faces and voices to create their character eg. Johnny Depp created a younger Mad Hatter by speaking without ever letting his lips touch.

This led LM to think about facial characteristics and so she wanted to do some drawing. She did the most amazing drawing of the Chesire Cat starting with very detailed and accurate eyes.

After that we decided to start working on ‘time’. We created another squiggle to fill with eight researched facts about time. I asked LM what she would like to know about time. She wanted to know who came up with the idea of 60 seconds in a minute and hour and 24 hours in the day. She also wanted to know who invented the first clock. I didn’t know any of the answers!

Here are the eight that LM decided on

  • the first recorded measure of time was 30 000 years ago
  • Australian Aborigines used the sky to measure seasons
  • the sundial is an early version of a clock that uses the sun to measure time
  • the 24 hour day was devised by early Epyptians
  • sixty minutes and seconds was ancient Babylonian
  • Egyptian sundials appear to be the first measure of time
  • We still use seasons as a measure of time
  • In ancient china they used a oil lamps and candles to measure time

We read a lot to get those facts.

Time to go.


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