Getting Down to Business


LM’s pet sitting business continues to be very popular, we are rarely without a pooch, and we have also had a few people ask for our details. It’s time for the business card.

Thanks to a recent Artist in Residence, Leo Flanders, LM often ventures out with my old digital SLR. He advised her to develop her style and skill by taking lots of photos – she has taken that advice. I hadn’t yet shown her what to with those photos. While we were out one day I borrowed the camera to take a photo of her carrying our current ‘pet’, Pippa, across the road. She suggested we use that picture for her business card.

First I showed her how to download and store images. Then I showed her how to transfer the image to photoshop where she could crop and colour my original pic. The result is above. I adore it. From there we looked around for printing companies and settled on Moo because of the easy online template.

LM then completed the details herself, uploaded the photoshopped image and set the draft aside so we could ask friend’s for any advice – I think that teaching LM to seek others’ input is a really important stage of the process. It’s been a week now and we are happy with the outcome so tomorrow we will place our first order!

Only the posters to go before her budget dries up. The harsh reality of business.


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