Not so mellow yellow


A couple of weeks ago we were given two big bags of lemons, fresh from people’s homes. We returned from hospital a couple of days ago (tonsil and adenoid removal for LM) and she pointed out that it was time to juice them. We don’t have a juicer, so we used a flattened spoon to scoop out their insides and then ran the juice through a sieve.

We made a LOT of juice so after drinking a few glasses – with water and brown sugar added we started to look online at what else we could make. We are total kitchen scientists now.

We have already made a lot of cleaning products, but we are almost out of dishwashing tablets (we have been using them to clean the loo too) and so we decided to try a new formula. Our original formula was awesome, but we wondered what it would be like if we used a yummy -smelling, concentrated cleaning liquid instead of the dishwashing liquid we used last time, and also added a little fresh lemon juice. It was bad… but good. There was waaaaaay too much citric acid in our new formula and it started foaming uncontrollably. So I thought this would be a good time to show LM what would happen if we put it in an airtight container. In hindsight, something with a lid that would ‘pop’ off as the acid started to consume all the available oxygen would have been sensible, but I just grabbed the nearest container – which was a glass jar with a metal lid. As I saw the lid starting to buckle I realised that the pressure has built up to the point of explosion, my desired outcome, but neither of us were prepared for the scale of the explosion. I very cautiously removed the lid and then POP, our white powdery mix exploded across the whole room. It even managed to get through the doorway and spread into adjoining rooms. It looks like it snowed in here!

I thought it might be best to tone down the experiments a bit now.

We noticed on our recipe search that lemons were used in some homemade skincare formulas. So we decided to focus on those instead. As mentioned LM has just had throat surgery so I was actually going to buy an antibacterial mouthwash for her to gargle. However, we saw one online and decided to try that first. By mixing lemon juice, bicarb soda, cinnamon, fresh local honey and water we made a delicious, antibacterial mouthwash that LM loved using.

Next we decided to look into intense teeth cleaners. I drink too much coffee and it is taking it’s toll on my once pearly whites. There were a few options available, some including hydrogen peroxide, but we wanted to use what we had on hand so we settled on the easiest. We made a paste of lemon juice and bicarb and, as I am the test dummy, I patted it onto my teeth and left it for 1 minute. My stains aren’t gone but my giddy goodness my teeth are shiny. LM was so impressed that she immediately did the same. We made enough to last a few days so hopefully by the end go the week we’ll be ready to use our white, white very white teeth to launch our informercial careers.

Soon after we went to the shop and priced teeth whitener that would last us a week if we both used it daily and they were from $8 (on sale) to $30. We then calculated what ours would cost for a week – 6c. And no plastic packaging.

After I finish this post we are going to try our next DIY skincare product made from lemons, honey and coconut oil. After my face mask (test dummy again) is off we will end our lemon extravaganza with our strong homemade cleaner, made by soaking the remaining lemon skins in white vinegar for a few days. Well timed as I have a very icky, grimy, vintage oven to restore.

I now have to go go and soak in a bath and test a face mask. Tough day at this homeschool.


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