Wellbeing Wheel

There is plenty of evidence supporting the value of emotional intelligence in both education and life – including research that found EQ to be the greatest predictor of success [http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/bullystoppers/Pages/adviceemotionalintelligence.aspx]. So it’s a theme I’ll weave in often, because it’s great and because we need it.

LM has struggled emotionally for a few reasons over the last year; moving from city to country, sleep apnoea and chronic tiredness, ongoing conflict at her previous school and… she’s only eight years old. I am aware of other adults responding to her emotional outbursts negatively and I do worry that they judge her character by those few moments rather than the moments of wonder and weirdness that I love so much. Sometimes I worry that I do so too much too. So, slowly and steadily we will continue to work on our interpersonal understanding – which serves us both well.

This week we created our own, collaged Wellbeing Wheels. It was quite a process.

We started by sneaking in some geometry. We traced a plate for our circle and then learned how to divide it into 8 equal segments.

Step 1.

  • We drew three 10cm chords across the circle
  • Then we measured for the mid point of each chord
  • Then we used a protractor to measure 90º at the centre point on each chord
  • Where they joined was the centre of our circle

Step 2.

  • We drew a horizontal line through the centre (we guessed)
  • Then using the protractor we marked at 45º 90º 135º and 180º
  • We then turned our circle around and repeated the above
  • We then drew connecting diagonal lines to make our segment

Step 3

  • We traced around our plate again on a piece of real box cardboard
  • Drew a straight line from the edge equal to the radius
  • We measured 45º and drew another radial line
  • Then we cut out the shape to use as out template

From there it was time to flick through magazines looking for images that represented our feelings and aspirations relating to each of the wellbeing facets.

  1. emotional
  2. social
  3. work
  4. environmental
  5. spiritual
  6. physical
  7. financial
  8. intellectual

The time we spent searching and cutting was used to discuss how we feel about these facets and how they affect our lives, as well as we hope they will in the future. This was discussed even further as we shared our reasons for selecting our final images.

This exercise took us quite a while and we found ourselves quite emotionally exhausted, but it was a great way to introduce LM to the idea that our joy and/or sadness in life is affected by so many parts of ourselves and that we exist across many domains. It was incredible moving for me as a mother to hear her thoughts about the world and her actual and potential place in it.

I have continued to reflect on mine daily.






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