Art Out Late

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is one of the most wonderfully programmed, pitched and presented galleries in the world. I reckon. And so whenever we are in Melbourne Town we try to get along to see what’s on offer. This visit we had a family night with LM’s Dadda and it was even more awesome than we expected.

The evening started with a wander through the Dutch fashion/art fusion masters: Viktor & Rolf. All of their kooky classic creations were there; bed-themed formal wear through to ballerina tutus chopped by chainsaws. It was refreshingly ridiculous.

As usual, the NGV accompanied the show with a great participatory arts project where you were given some cardboard and crepe paper to make a ‘collar’. Of course we didn’t make a collar. LM decided on the design and her Dad I worked tirelessly with her to make her vision come alive. It took a while. After the creation was created you could go into a booth to have a high res digital portrait taken. LM’s is pictured.

By then we were all a bit Hangry (hungry angry) and we headed off to eat great food in a room filled with bad music. We ran into the other exhibition as quickly as we could.

David Hockney’s exhibition was even more incredible than we imagined. We feel inappropriately connected to him because his brother lives in our little town, and because he is about my mum’s age. It was late and so we moved through it faster than we probably should have but it definitely made it’s mark. We will be wandering our streets with an iPad and an art app this afternoon.



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