Crafternoon Corner

Our Harden home has an annual Kite Festival that is run by awesome volunteers, and this year it was our pleasure to join them. Mostly I worked on rebranding, but on the actual day we agreed to run a little collage workshop that encouraged participants to make the strangest kite collages that they could.

I thought that this would be a great chance for LM to help prep for our latest community craft project. So the day prior to the festival she helped me design the look of our stall and then paint pretty much everything we had laying about with chalkboard paint.

I had thought that her involvement may stop there and that on the day she would probably just quietly participate, but what I actually found was that she was the one writing on the chalkboard, welcoming other kids and guiding their collage making. She even pitched my book!

So even though this happened on a weekend, and wasn’t actually part of our homeschooling efforts, it taught me that she is way more confident and capable than I realised and that I should be wary of my own perception of her limits.


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