Detective Day

We’ve had a bit of a detective thing going on lately. I blame binge watching Pretty Little Liars together. Of course, we had to have a lesson about it. I think it is one of favourites so far.

To begin, we both dressed up. We dress up a lot. Then LM put together a detective kit in a vintage school case while I created a crime scene. My scene had uno cards spilled across the room, a dead bear (with blood splatter) and a few hairs (that I clipped off another toy).

LM then came in and followed a kid detective guide that we found on pinterest. She taped off the scene, looked for clues, took notes and asked questions. I clearly made it way too easy – she looked at the uno cards and immediately realised that there was some cheating going on and recognised the cut fur immediately.

We then took turns repeating the process. We staged three scenes each! My brain nearly burst by the final one. How the dickens do actual detectives and crime writers do it?!


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