Oh so social

Since starting the whole ‘homeschooling’ thing the most frequent comment/concern is that LM won’t be sufficiently socialised. Admittedly, I used to pitch the same comment at others when they were considering homeschooling. But for us this most certainly hasn’t been so.

Instead of spending her days interacting almost entirely with kids her own age and from the same time, we’ve found that the freedom to wander on the run has resulted in both of interacting in a far wider world. And our little one that didn’t speak at school for 18 months when she was younger (?) is now happy to meet and greet all a wide range of people.

While on our way to Melbourne we were upgraded to a day sitting that we shared with a 76 year old woman, named Bev. It was so lovely to see Bev and LM chat about life – they did so for almost 6 hours! They also played Uno in the cheekiest, competitive way.

We met and chatted to so many people in the following days. Mostly pet people (because we are currently dog lovers without dogs).

The freedom to travel now means that LM can spend time with friends from former homes. This weeks she has seen or skyped friends from all over the country. And we continue to have weekly plays with lovely local lassies.

We have also had a LOT of visitors since we have returned from Melbs. There are three Korean students and two French fruit pickers staying with us and a few days ago there was a wonderful, worldly woman with a one-eyed, three legged dog (and that dog’s daughter).

Until we can get around the world it’s nice to bring the world to us.



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