Sandy Science

Now on my eighth year of playing in parks, I must admit that the joy of pushing the kidlet on the swing or watching her slide down the slippery dip isn’t as strong or frequent as it used to be. But then I realised I could talk about the science of it all and my love of playgrounds is now rekindled.

Discussing the physics of the see saw brought me so much joy, and LM seemed delighted too. We talked about the fulcrum at the centre, the seesaw as a lever, the affect of force and energy on the height and the affect of our weight differences to explain torque. I explained how we can use our bodies to create changes.

We then moved to the swing to talk about gravity and movement and momentum and to reinforce the whole force and energy affect. This theme continued on all other equipment. It was awesome!

I was a little tired by this point, so to get LM to rest with me I took this opportunity to show her the photos I had taken of her demonstrating our discussed principles. And how she can use an app to create a montage of selected photos. I love the one that we made together (the featured image).

After this she did gently ask if she could just play for a while without my constant, excitable utterances.



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