To beard or not to beard

Melbourne is known as the hipster capital of Australia. And we do love a good hipster cafe, so in order to indulge that love and still do school I decided now was a good time to introduce LM to observational research. We decided to visit our two favourite cafes and research the prevalence of two noted Melbourne trends: beards were still in and more girls seemed to be wearing their hair down.

Our first stop was a back alley cafe called Monk Bodhi Dharma. Here I introduced LM to some basics such as developing the Aim, Hypothesis, Method, Results and Conclusion.

To make the conversion to percentages easy for LM to grasp we counted the first 10 female and male customers that came in. LM’s hyptheses were both confirmed: more men had beards and more women wore their hair down. I explained how research has limits and that just because 60% of men that came in had beards does not mean that 60% of men have beards. We talked about variables and trends and norms and all sorts of wonderful things.

The next day we repeated the experiment at our old much-loved local cafe, the St Kilda Dispensary. To my surprise as many men had beards. We also counted 11 customers so I could show how percentages are effectively calculated using the same formula.

When we return to our happy Harden home we will repeat this study in a local cafe to see how we fare up here.


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